Frame Digital Pictures With Style

Bored with plain-looking, computer-generated photo frames offered by picture editing software? Give your digital pictures a whole new look with cute photo frames and stunning effects in just seconds!

A picture is not complete without a frame. You can have a cute snapshot or a whole gallery of family pictures to email or show on a Web site, but will they impress the viewer? Have a look at portfolio sites of renowned family and wedding photographers. All of their pictures are carefully framed and signed, and all of them impress the viewer. Sure the frame won’t make a bad picture look good, but a good Judi Online matching frame can really enhance your pictures and add to the artistic impression.

You can frame your pictures in several ways. First, some of the many available online picture publishing services offer some free frames for your photos. While this is probably the only free way to frame your digital pictures, it has many limitations. For example, you are limited to a certain small size of the pictures, and the selection of available frames is usually scarce. Framing your pictures in one of the large all-purpose photo editing products such as Adobe Photoshop gives more flexibility and variety of the available frames, but it takes a while to frame dozens of pictures. Besides, the selection of frames is usually limited to a few boring and unappealing borders that can distract viewers instead of adding appeal to your pictures.

If you want to quickly frame a bunch of pictures, a dedicated framing product is what you need. Framing Studio offers a selection of 70 frames included with the product, and offers 150 more frames to download after you purchase a copy. Framing many pictures is as easy as framing a single one. Just select a frame and pick the photos to work on, and Framing Studio will do the rest automatically. You can crop, rotate and resize images on the fly to produce pictures that are easy to email or publish online. Framing Studio supports a variety of border effects, allowing you to create your own frames in just a few clicks. You can also apply a variety of special effects to an image to make it look unique. The effects can be previewed in real time. Framing studio supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, ICO, WMF, EMF, and PNG images. Download your free evaluation copy of Framing Studio or learn more about the product by visiting AMS Software website.